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Forge Dynamic offer complete IT solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Whether you require on-going Support, Hosted VOIP services, provisioning of landlines and internet connectivity, Cloud Computing, leading brand Antivirus or Firewalls, Forge Dynamic has it all covered. Our aim is make IT Support uncomplicated, professional and cost-effective.

Remote Management

  • Telephone support
  • Remote system control

SupportOn Site Support

Should we be unable to solve an issue remotely, we will make an on-site visit, as agreed in the terms of the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Environment Management

  • Pro-active 24/7 monitoring of your environment, PCs and servers
  • Patches, updates and fixes
  • Security management
  • Anti-virus management
  • Account management
  • Network administration
  • Advice

AdviceOnline Help Desk

Forge Dynamic's online help desk facility is available to all customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Regular on-site visits

Depending on your requirements this can be monthly, weekly or more if you feel it necessary

Service Level Agreement

We will work with you to develop a Service Level Agreement that is tailored to your needs and provides you with the security you need to get on with your business worry-free

Proactive Daily Health Check Service

A Daily Health Check service is available for 50p per machine daily.

  • We’ll conduct a thorough check each and every morning before you start work. We’ll check:
  • Your backup is complete to ensure your data is safe
  • Your anti-virus pattern file to make sure your protection is always up-to-scratch
  • Your disk space to ensure your system won’t crash and your system is still operative during the recovery period
  • Your Exchange email system to make sure it doesn’t exceed capacity and collapse
  • Your hard disk and memory health to ensure your system is always in peak operating condition
  • Your Critical Event Logs to spot other developing problems that could cause downtime during the day
This service is performed automatically – nobody needs to be present at your office for this. If we find problems, we’ll immediately alert an engineer so he can act fast to cut potential downtime. If required, we’ll even send you a short note to confirm the checks carried out and their results.

Five-Minute Monitoring Service

While the Daily Health Check service helps prevent big disasters, Forge Dynamic’s 24x7 checks will keep your systems running efficiently, allowing you to deliver the best service possible to your clients.

For an additional 50p per day, we’ll check other critical elements of your system up to every five minutes. We’ll know almost instantly about any incurring problems including, or relating to

  • Operating system problems (via Windows' services checks)
  • Remote office connectivity and network device problems (via Ping checks)
  • ISP or Email problems (via Port checks)
  • Disk space problems (via the Disk Space Check)
  • Your website (via the Website Check)

We’ll know exactly when a problem occurs so we can respond promptly. We’ll spot the nature of the problem so we can fix it fast to keep you up and running, giving you peace of mind for just 50p per day.