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Solid and innovative engineering, quality customer service, and a global perspective make GTA a leader in delivering technologically advanced, yet cost effective, network security solutions.

The GB-OS firewall operating system has evolved to become the engine that drives all GTA firewalls and carries the ICSA Firewall Certification that extends to GTA’s full family of firewalls – including the SME Family of Firewall appliances, the RoBoX Family of Firewall appliances and GB-Ware. These full-featured firewalls offer one of the best price/performance ratios in the industry today.

The company was one of the first entrants into the network security marketplace and has been at the forefront of industry efforts to provide high quality, yet cost-effective network security products. The company’s first commercial firewall, the GFX Internet Firewall System was introduced in January 1994 and was one of the first firewalls to be certified by the National Computer Security Association, now the International Computer Security Association (ICSA).

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GB 250

The GB 250 and GB 250e Firewall UTM Appliances are GTA’s entry level systems that provide big security for smaller business offices. Designed and priced to meet the needs of smaller organisations, the GB 250 and GB 250e include the same security and UTM features of our larger enterprise firewall UTM appliances, but scaled to fit the needs of offices with fewer than 50 employees.
From £420
Surf Sentinel

Surf Sentinel is a complete and accurate content filtering solution that meets the requirements and demands of both users and technology providers. Surf Sentinel’s core technology hosts and manages URL categorization, and policy management. Flexible interpretation of acceptable use policies is possible with over 70 content categories and over 100 million categorized URLs. Content is updated regularly.
From £180

GB 820

GB_800Uniquely designed for small and mid-sized businesses, the GB 820 Firewall UTM Appliance provides corporate level Internet security and unified threat management (UTM) features. Comprehensive firewall and unified threat management features combine into a single, dedicated appliance for completed Internet security.
From £999
High Availability (H2A)
H2A, GTA's firewall high availability solution, is a cost effective resilient network security solution. This feature is easy to enable utilizing an activation code. There is no additional software to install on the firewall systems. The H2A configuration is simple and fast, providing you with a solid highly available firewall system that is up and running in a matter of minutes.
From £692

GB 2100
The GB 2100 Firewall UTM Appliance Family provides powerful enterprise level security and comprehensive features that are easy to implement and administer. The GB 2100 is designed for SME organizations that desire a single, dedicated appliance to handle their complex network environments and multiple Internet security zones.
From £2423
Mail Sentinel
Spam and computer virus attacks can cripple your network resulting in lost productivity, corrupted data, leaks of confidential data, and missed business opportunities due to lost or delayed email communications. GTA's Mail Sentinel is a full-featured anti-spam and anti-virus solution allowing you to take back control of your email. Expand the capabilities of GTA's basic Mail Sentinel email features with commercial-grade subscriptions.
From £138

GB 2500


The GB 2500 Firewall UTM Appliance is designed for businesses with substantial network demands, who require intensive, resource-demanding network configurations, without affecting network performance. Powerful threat management features and flexible implementation options mean the GB-2500 provides total perimeter security in a powerful, easy to use package.

From £3199

GTA SSL Client


With GTA’s SSL Browser and Client users are seamlessly connected to the network allowing trusted access to files, applications and intranets. User authentication and threat detection occur at the gateway — preventing unauthorized access and data loss and protecting sensitive information.

GB 3000
The GB 3000 Gigabit Firewall UTM Appliance is Global Technology Associates’ flagship appliance. It offers the highest throughput and most comprehensive feature set in GTA’s product line. The GB 3000 provides powerful network security and strong performance by delivering world-class protection and gateway threat management capabilities in a single dedicated appliance.
From £8211
Mobile VPN Client
GTA Mobile VPN Client provides the vital ability for remote users to initiate VPN communications with corporate resources. Using VPNs, "road warriors" or telecommuters can safely access corporate networks from unsecured public networks or un-trusted local networks. A VPN Connection can also be used to connect end users that need a secure "end user to host" connection to transmit sensitive information over an intranet. GTA Mobile VPN Client used in conjunction with firewall-to-firewall gateway VPN Connection provides a total IPSec VPN solution. GTA Mobile VPN Client meets IPSec standards.
From £69


The GB-Ware is a software firewall powered by GB-OS certified to ICSA 4.0 Corporate criteria. The GB-OS was designed from the ground up as an integrated firewall system with interoperability of features, easy installation and remote management. We supply the OS and firewall software – you supply the hardware.

The GB-Ware Software Firewall allows you to implement a firewall powered by GB-OS on hardware of your choice, including Virtual Machines. GB-Ware provides powerful, enterprise-level security with comprehensive features, including support for Mail Sentinel Anti-spam and Mail Sentinel Anti-Virus that are easy to implement and support in most corporate network environments. Available in unrestricted or 10-user versions, GB-Ware offers transparent NAT, stateful packet inspection, built-in IPSec VPN, DCHP server, secure remote management and content filtering. GB-Ware unrestricted version also includes unrestricted concurrent users, 128,000 concurrent connections and supports up to 20 interfaces when the multi-interface option is activated.

From £291

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