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How to get Quick Support

Call us on 020 3411 3852 between 9am and 6pm (GMT) to have us look at your problem.

Click here to open a new window to start the process.

TeamViewerQS_en-idckmubqc7.exe should download automatically; Run and Allow that and a Forge Dynamic Engineer should be able to connect to your computer.

Step by Step Guide

This article will guide you throught how a Forge Dynamic engineer can connect to your computer.

1. Click on the "Click here to get Quick Support from a Forge Dynamic engineer" button on the right hand side of any page on the Forge Dynamic website.

2. Click on the "Click here to open a new window to start the process." link on the current page.

3. A page should open in a new window. TeamViewerQS_en-idckmubqc7.exe should download automatically. If not, click try again. Then click Run.

4. Once it has downloaded and ran, click Yes to allow the program to make changes to your computer.

5. The Forge Dynamic Quick Support Client should open. Do not close this at any time or the Forge Dynamic engineer will lose connection.

6. A Forge Dynamic engineer will will now attempt to connect to your computer. Click Allow to complete the process.

7. Your Forge Dynamic engineer is now connected. If you have any problems please contact us on 020 3411 3852.