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Any business professional understands the importance of keeping your company data, financial records and administrative materials protected. But the reality is that is that disasters do strike - computers crash, hardware fails or gets damaged - and data is lost. Forge Dynamic can offer you the comfort and security of backing up your data to online offsite storage locations, so that should the worst happen, your business will not suffer. Lost files can simply be accessed and restored using any PC with internet access and a web browser interface, making online backup a more flexible, accessible and cost-effective disaster recovery solution than the traditional backup methods to CD, DVD, tapes, flash drives or external hard drives.

Forge Dynamic's Online Backup Service - Key Points

Security - all files are protected with military-grade encryption when moved offsite, and access and restoration is also password and encryption protected, meaning that your sensitive data will remain private.

Flexibility - we can work with you to provide a schedule for regular automatic backups on days and times to suit you and your business - open files and programs can also be backed up while they are running, offering you a flexible solution for your backup needs.

Efficiency - online backup will cover all file types and applications so that no part of your business will be left exposed in the event of a disaster. We can also restore data to a different computer than that which was backed up.

Speed - You can be up and running in no time, and we will monitor all backup activity from a single administrative console, so you can get on with the running of your business, worry-free.

How it Works

A backup client is installed on each server, or computer, that requires backing up. The specific data which needs backing up is then selected and the data is backed up using an encryted connection over the Internet to storage located in our datacentres. Data is then replicated between datacentres to ensure there is no risk of data loss.
To reduce the time needed for backups and bandwidth use, once data has been backed up fully all, subsequent updates only backup any subsequent changes made. This drastically reduces the amount of data being transferred. Files that have been backed up can be restored for up to 90 days. This includes older versions of files that have been subsequently changed.

Below is a simplified version of the process involved. Mobile computers, such as laptops or PCs based at home, can back up data in exactly the same way providing there is an internet connection.

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New and Improved For Macs!

Introducing a clean new interface for Mac users, with simple-to-use backup and restore, better file scanning, and a smoother configuration experience.


Each machine that the backup client is installed on requires a client license, however attached storage, such as NAS drives, can be backed up from any computer that has the device mapped as a network drive. Discounts may be available for large volumes of data.
Description Monthly cost (£)
Cost per GB of data backed up 0.40