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If you are looking for a fully managed telephony service to install into a new premises or to replace or enhance your existing system, with minimal or no capital expenditure, then Forge Dynamic's hosted VoIP system is the ideal solution for you.

How a Hosted VOIP Solution Can Benefit You

Cost – the main reason why so many businesses are switching over to VoIP is that it is significantly cheaper than regular phone lines.
Uncomplicated - no nee d to manage a great deal of onsite equipment – all you need to get set is an internet connection and an IP phone.
Travel light – because you are not tied down by physical phone lines, you can move your work premises with no hassle. There is no need to deal with getting phone companies to install new lines and get existing numbers transferred. Simply take your IP phones with you, plug them into an internet connection at the new location and you’re good to go. This would especially benefit remote workers who work from home and/or various other premises on a regular basis.
Easier to manage – Companies using VoIP have the advantage of being able to easily add new phone numbers at very low costs, and additional extensions and voice mail boxes at no extra cost. And this can be done in a matter of minutes!
Features a-plenty – VoIP includes additional features such as Caller ID, conference calling, voice-to-email, call waiting and call forwarding.
Speedy set-up – whilst traditional telephony systems can take anything up to 30 days to deliver a new number, with hosted VoIP this will take a matter of hours.

What features can you expect with VoIP?

Direct Dial services – no need to go through a switchboard, each hosted VoIP extension has it’s own unique directory number.
Special Features – including call transfer, conference calling, call hold, call divert and personal voicemail boxes.
Portability – Not only VoIP phone sets be plugged directly into a router wherever you happen to be working from, calls can be made and received on the road via a laptop and soft phone – all you need is wifi access.
Messaging options – As well as integrated email and voicemail boxes, allowing easier access to messages, VoIP can provide you with an individual fax number which will convert a received fax into an email, sent to the address(es) of your choice.
Call Recording – inbound and/or outbound calls can be recorded from any extension.
Choose your number - Handles the set up of both geographic (e.g. 0207) numbers and non-geographic (e.g. 0845) numbers.

Save yourself ££££!!!

Efficiency – eliminates investments and expenditure on landline installation and maintenance contracts.
Lower call rates – our customers make average savings of 40%!
Savings on hardware average about 50%!
Free calls between extensions or offices - whether they are in the next room, next building, next city or on the other side of the world – they are just one extension away!!
Reduce or eliminate the monthly cost of business landlines that carry only one call at time. VoIP carries many calls on one line at the same time.
Eliminate expensive upgrades on obsolete equipment. Forge Dynamic will continually upgrade the system FREE OF COST, and we’ll keep you up to date with the latest features and benefits of Hosted VoIP.
Analogue business landlines carry only one call at time. VoIP carries as many calls as necessary on one line at the same time.


Below are the costs of SIP extensions, optional features, and numbers. All features not priced separately are included with the SIP extension.

Description Billing Frequency Description Total
SIP Extensions Monthly Individual SIP Extension 1 User 6.00
Non Geographic Number Monthly 08, 03, 05 UK Numbers 1.00
Geographic Number Monthly 01, 02 UK Numbers 1.00
Fax to Email Monthly Service to receive Inbound Fax via Email 3.00
Call Recording Service per used extension Monthly Call Recording Service 5.00
Call Recording Storage per GB* Monthly Storage Space 1.00
Conference Call Number Monthly 08, 01, 02 Conference Bridge Service 3.00
*1GB will store about 1000mins of voice recording