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E-mail and online communications are essential tools for any business, and an efficient, flexible and cost-effective e-mail system is an asset in the business world. With Hosted e-mail you get reliable, secure access to your communication system from any location, as long as there is an internet connection. There are no installation and maintenance costs, and no complex hardware and software. Whilst in-house mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 come with significant initial and on-going costs, with Forge Dynamic you get Exchange 2013 at substantially lower costs than the equivalent in-house solution. The service is hosted from a top grade, fully resilient infrastructure.

Whether you are moving from an in-house Exchange or Lotus Notes mail server, an existing Microsoft Exchange provider, or upgrading from POP3 or IMAP accounts, you can migrate to a Hosted Exchange platform with Forge Dynamic.

How it works

In working practice there is no noticable difference in how Hosted Exchange works compared to an in-house installation. Users securely connect to their mailbox over the internet using their Outlook client. Licensing for the very latest version of Outlook is also available as part of the monthly service subscription.

Mobile workers can either continue to use Outlook on a laptop, or use Outlook Web Access from any site with an internet connection. Users can also syncronise thier mobile phones with the Exchange server. Blackberry Exchange Server (BES) is available for an additional subscription.


High Availability and Reliability

Forge Dynamic's Hosted Exchange uses a highly accessible infrastructure, based across 5 UK data centres. Automatic backup is built in at every level to ensure that whatever happens, you won't lose service.

Infrastructure Features

High Availability

Closed Fibre Network

Geographically Diverse Data Centres

Customised Service

UK Data Centres all ISO27001 Certified



Hosted Exchange Features

Hosted Exchange offers a number of benefits for users - we can offer your business a fully featured enterprise-class communications system, without the headaches of managing an in-house system, or having to depend on experienced IT staff.

No Setup Fees

No License to purchase

Licensing is included in the monthly price. Licensing is on a flexible monthly basis - no large upfront payments for licenses, allowing for flexibility as your business needs change

No initial investment in hardware

Hardware for running Microsoft Exchange Server in-house can be very costly, and will require maintenance and support from specialist IT staff

Month-to-Month Billing

Monthly billing, no long term contract, upgrade or downgrade Microsoft Exchange hosting plans from the control panel

Reliable Infrastructure

Our Hosted Exchange is built on a highly accessible and resilient infrastructure.

Fully Managed

No need for in-house IT expertise to be on hand, we will provide full support for your email system

Support for Mail Protocols

Protocols such as POP, IMAP, SMTP, RPC over HTTPS are supported

Outlook Web Access (OWA) or Outlook Web App for Webmail

Microsoft Outlook Web Access is available with all hosted exchange accounts. This allows users to access their e-mail through a standard web browser, with all the familiar Outlook features from anywhere in the world

Wireless Synchronization

Free ActiveSync synchronization of e-mails is included with every MS Exchange hosting account, to a variety of mobile devices including iPhone, PocketPC, Palm Treo, and Windows Mobile phones. BlackBerry-Exchange hosting through BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) is available as an option

Free Anti-Spam Software

Top grade Anti-Spam software continuously protects against spam. Users can set filters, rules, and manage "safe" and "blocked" lists, according to their own preferences

Email Archiving

Hosted Exchange 2013 includes integrated email archiving, retention, and discovery capabilities

Free Anti-Virus

All incoming and outgoing e-mail messages and attachments in MS Exchange hosting accounts are scrubbed by anti-virus software before they are forwarded to their destinations

Outlook 2013 or Entourage 2008

Optionally each hosted exchange mailbox can include a free download of Microsoft Outlook 2013 for Windows PCs or Entourage 2008 for Apple Macs

Personal and Shared Information

Hosted Exchange users under one company account can maintain personal and shared calendars, task managers, public folders, companywide Global Address lists (GALs), and can arrange group scheduling with real-time availability