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Forge Dynamic offers a full industry-grade encryption system for Microsoft Exchange, provided by Vaultive. This allows small and medium sized businesses to enjoy the benefits in terms of flexibility, cost, scalability and accessibility provided by Cloud computing, while ensuring complete security of data.

Forge Dynamic with Vaultive provides this kind of 256-bit AES encryption availible to small companies, making it the perfect system for small medical, accountancy and financial companies that require an inexpensive and flexible system that is highly secure.

The encryption operates as a transparent network proxy between the organization and the Exchange server in the cloud. Consistent with the Cloud Security Alliance’s best practices, data is encrypted before it leaves the trusted network, while you retain the encryption keys on site.

Forge Dynamic and Vaultive’s Exchange / Office 365 encryption protects across the data lifecycle: in transit, at rest and in use. Vaultive’s persistent encryption maintains content characteristics, allowing server-side operations including search, sort and index on encrypted data, without ever decrypting the data.

Exchange Encryption Core Features and Benefits

  • Enterprise-class solution that employs patent-pending encryption-in-use technology employing standard ciphers to secure all cloud-bound data
  • Fulfill regulatory compliance requirements and address security concerns around unauthorized user access and data breaches
  • Seamless integration enables data to be stored and processed by Office 365 in its encrypted form without requiring changes to the application itself
  • Flexible deployment options include an on-premise virtual or physical appliance in the enterprise
  • Support for Hybrid (Cloud + On-Prem) Exchange deployments
  • Scalable architecture enables high-performance
  • Load-balancing and auto-failover embedded into the product
  • Encryption can be applied to a single testing mailbox and scale to the entire organization

Preserve Exchange Online and Outlook functionality

For End-users:

Vaultive preserves the rich functionality of Exchange (including the ability to support full Outlook client and server features such as tasks, calendaring and delegation). The Vaultive Exchange / Office 365 encryption solution is transparent to the end user. Vaultive maintains the user experience with no changes to user behavior.

For IT:

Vaultive for Exchange / Office 365 encryption is implemented seamlessly into existing security and IT processes in order to deliver flexibility in deployment and integration scenarios.

—Vaultive provides several tiers of integration and compatibility with the Exchange Online and the Microsoft cloud environment, including Exchange Online’s native functionality such as eDiscovery and archiving; administration and management for Office 365 (including supporting an outbound PowerShell interface and Microsoft Active Directory integration). Vaultive key management is streamlined and GUI-driven.

Vaultive delivers the following required capabilities:

  • Comprehensive Exchange and Outlook functionality – Vaultive’s ability to proxy full MAPI sessions ensures that users can continue to make use of existing Outlook functionality including advanced features. Mobile access is supported through full ActiveSync capabilities.
  • Encrypts every message in a protected mailbox – Every message in a protected mailbox is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption, including subject, body and attachments, as well as calendar, tasks and other elements.
  • Transparent to the user – No change to user behavior or training regardless of whether someone accesses email via Outlook, browser, smartphone or tablet, their preferences and behavior are not impacted by Vaultive.
  • Integrates into existing infrastructure – Vaultive’s embedded Office 365 encryption logic and broad protocol support ensures maximum compatibility with email clients and servers, as well as accompanying products such as Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services and Exchange Online Protection. Integration of Vaultive requires no changes to existing configuration or topology.
  • No endpoint client, plug-in or agent software – Vaultive’s proxy-based approach ensures that no endpoint software of any kind (agent, plugin or client application) is required.
  • Seamless network integration – Vaultive is a software solution that can be deployed either as a virtual appliance or on a physical appliance, based on customer preference. Vaultive can also be provided as a hosted service by one of our authorized hosting partners.
  • Vanity URL – With Vaultive Office 365 encryption, businesses can present a vanity URL, such as, for employees to access their email accounts.
  • Granular Encryption – Office 365 encryption can be applied to selected mailboxes and can scale from 1 mailbox up to 100% of the organization. Mailbox, Calendar, Tasks, Personal Archive and Public Folders can all be encrypted.
  • Encrypt existing on-prem mailboxes – Vaultive can retroactively encrypt (or decrypt) existing mailboxes.