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Forge Dynamic offer a number of Cloud Services that include Hosted Exchange, Encryption For Exchange, Hosted Desktop, Online Backup , Office 365 and Dedicated Servers. Eliminate up front costs and increase reliability and scalability.

Putting your business "In The Cloud"

At Forge Dynamic we understand the need for small and medium sized to minimise costs and maximise efficiency and flexibility. Cloud computing offers all the benefits of traditional IT infrastructure without the associated capital expenditure.

Cloud computing explained

Instead of using specific hardware-based server space, cloud computing offers on-demand resources on online offsite servers. Forge Dynamic will provide your company with an extended network beyond the office, giving you one single point of access with web based tools, to meet all your computing needs.

Benefits of cloud computing

Economic - Being "in the cloud" means your company does not need to spend on expensive servers and equipment, and you only pay for what you use on a 'utility' basis, much like you pay for electricity. Why pay for more than what you need?
Flexibility - With cloud computing your users will be able to connect to your servers from any location and machine, allowing for remote working anytime, anywhere.
Maintenance - Cloud computing allows for instant simultaneous updates and changes on all machines, instead of having to install applications and programs individually on each user's computer.
Reliability - Forge Dynamic's infrastructure is designed to provide maximium resilience, availabilty and reliability. By utilizing 5 datacentres thoroughout the UK, each with redundancy built in at every level, your computer systems will be securely protected and fully backed up.
Speed - Get set up fast, and waste no time waiting for hardware installations.

Our Infrastructure

If you are looking for security, privacy , flexibility, reliabilty and a cost-effective solution for your existing infrastructure, Forge Dynamic's cloud services are the ideal choice for your business.

Key Infrastructure Features
High Availability
Closed Fibre Network
Diverse Data Centres
Customised Service
UK Data Centres all ISO27001 Certified

We utilise our infrastructure to offer automatic switching to standby networks, should you experience a system failure, while things are being restored. Unlike many other cloud services offered by competitors, Forge Dynamic backs up in separate data centres, which won't leave you exposed should that data centre suffer a complete outage.

We utilise 5 geographically diverse datacentres to ensure availability
Our infrastructure is under-pinned with a 100% SLA, guaranteeing availability.
All data centres are fully certified to ISO27001, the recognised international standard developed specifically for Information Security Management Systems.